8 tips for waterproofing your house before monsoon season

8 tipse for waterproofing your house before monsoon season

Spring adds luster to our lives with sunshine, flowers and rain. In order to enjoy these blessings especially rain, you have to perform the inspection of your house and take measures accordingly as sometimes the eroding power of lots of rain puts us in trouble by damaging our routine, house and its value. Following are certain measures that you can take for waterproofing your house for saving it from the adverse effects of summer storms and spring showers:

  1. Cleaning rain gutters:

Cleaning or maintaining gutters is not a task that someone likes to undertake or finds pleasant but accomplishing it is an indispensable obligation. Following are two easy ways in which you can clean your gutters and stay prepared for monsoon season:

  • Use barbecue tongs for reaching-in and pulling-out the leaves in the clogged downspouts.
  • If this technique does not work then flushing the cog out is something you can do.
  1. Repairing rain gutters:

If during your house’s investigation you observe any loose gutter nails then replace those with extra-long lag screws having the following features:

  • Stronger
  • Better grip
  • Easy installation with a cordless drill
  1. Mending cracks in concrete:

While inspecting your house for monsoon season, you have to check cracks in the concrete of your house and mend those. Following are the two common types of cracks in the concrete:

  1. Mending small cracks in concrete:

Most of these cracks are 1/4″, and can be repaired by applying concrete caulk. All you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Clean the crack with high-pressure hose nozzle
  • Dry it
  • Apply caulk to the crack


  1. Mending large cracks in concrete:

For large cracks, you will be following the same procedure that you used for small ones but here you have to use the concrete patch in place of the caulk.

Large or small, the cracks ought to be repaired so that the water could not seep in and swell the underneath ground becoming the cause of more cracks.

  1. Swelling and sticking of windows and doors:

Wet weather during monsoon tends to swell and stick the wooden doors and windows. Make sure that the top and bottom of your doors and windows are sealed with the use of a good coat of paint. If even after doing this the doors and windows are sticking during the rainy season then fix this problem by exercising the following steps:

  • Spot where it is sticking
  • Take out its hinge pins for removing the doors or windows
  • Support it up securely
  • Take out any extra material by using hand plane prudently
  1. Painting the water stains:

Monsoon can damage your exterior paint and for the sake of revamping the walls stained by water apply primer-sealer first and then the paint.

  1. Painting the rusty fixtures:

It is essential to paint the fixtures that have a potential to get rusted during monsoon season.

  1. Avoiding dampness and repercussions:

Dampness is a must during monsoon season due to enhanced humidity. It not only makes your fixtures rusty but also become the cause of termite infestation. In order to avoid dampness make sure that your house has ample ventilation enabling it to breathe.

  1. Inspecting electrical wirings:

Before the arrival of monsoon season, make sure that you have checked all the electrical wirings. Take measures if you see any potential adverse effects of rain on it.

  1. Water leakage and seepage:

Inspect your terrace and roofs before monsoon season to check if there are any weak points where leakage and seepage could happen.

Take the measures mentioned above for saving your house from any damage caused by rain during monsoon season and enjoy the pleasant weather in a stress-free manner.

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