Cost-effective home insulation choices in Pakistan

Global warming has changed the weather of Pakistan drastically. Now, the weather is mostly extreme whether it’s hot or cold. The effect of this extremism of weathers can be seen on the exterior of your house and on the electricity and gas bills. In order to cut down the cost that is spent on the heating and cooling measures that become indispensable and inevitable in all such scenarios, you can opt for home insulation as a cost-effective and permanent temperature controlling measure. Following are the types of insulation that you can choose from as per your budget and weather condition of your area:

Spray foam insulation:

This method of home insulation is sprayed on the top layer of the areas of roof and walls that you want to insulate. Although it is most effective on the roofs because it provides temperature regulation in a brilliant manner.

Key features of Spray foam insulation:

  • Comparatively cost-effective
  • Short-term usage
  • Hassle-free installation
  • The aesthetic appeal will be compromised
  • No need for construction changes
  • Less effective

Foam board insulation:

This effective mode of home insulation involves installation of a hard foam layer between the walls during the construction. The thickness of the foam can be customized as per your need. This effective mode of home insulation is a money-spinning deal.

Key features of Foam board insulation:

  • Highly operational
  • Long lasting
  • Far-reaching construction modifications are required
  • No need for maintenance
  • Skilled installers are required
  • Expensive

Waterproof sealer:

Unlike insulators, sealers tend to provide resistance for your home exteriors by inculcating certain elements in it. These elements save your home exterior from sunlight and water damage. Although due to low R-value it is not effective as a primary home insulation measure.

Key features of Waterproof sealer:

  • Waterproofs the roof and walls
  • Need maintenance
  • Prevent weather damage and cracking
  • Saves the exteriors from fading
  • Not an effective primary insulation method

Roll insulation:

This form of insulation has many sub-categories. As some are made of fiberglass, some are from foam and others are from a wide range of composite materials. These home insulators cut down your air-conditioning cost with its rolled up sheets that are installed between the walls.

Key features of Roll insulation:

  • Transportable
  • Effortlessly available
  • Demands construction alterations
  • Can be installed in gaps between false ceilings (narrow spaces)
  • The desired level of insulation will need more material comparatively
  • Less effective due to Lesser R-value

All the aforementioned options are effective in their own way for insulating and protecting your home exterior from adverse and extreme weather conditions. Choose the one which is the best suit for your areas’ weather and your financial conditions.

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