6 Hacks for finest home construction

Are you seeking help with constructing your house? Optimal house construction is a game of balancing out what you need and what you want! This effect can be achieved by adhering to the needs and capacity of your space. Equilibrium, if achieved will allow you to devise and execute a cohesive design and plan for your construction. Following are six most pertinent hacks for accomplishing brilliant constructions:

  1. Optimum space usage:

For the sake of endeavoring a commendable construction, you need to focus on optimizing the usage of the available space. You have to gather information regarding the number of people and cars that would be inhabiting the space for coming up with an apt and ample construction design.

  1. Skipping unnecessary walls:

Keeping your house and inculcating a less crowded feel in it, it is the best thing you can do to it. Is your house constructed on less than 8 Marla? Let’s skip drawing room then! Adding a separation wall between the dining and living rooms will also potentially consume a large space. So, it is always better to let the two, and the saved space can be used for enriching and enlarging the kitchen space. Kitchen spaces should be kept open by eliminating the need of additional walls.

Want a washing area? Why not create a washing corner instead inside the kitchen for saving avoidable cost and time.

  1. Say no to wide stairway:

If your staircase is emerging from the living room’s center, then you can completely say no to this addition because it occupies a significant amount of space on the ground and first floor that could be utilized purposefully otherwise. So, avoid wastage of space by building stairs at the side of your construction near the main door entrance. This practice will provide you with a lot of extra space. Another efficient hack is to use the space underneath the staircase for storage purpose or turn it into a powder room.

  1. Upstairs seating is needless:

In case you have a small plot you should not build an upstairs seating area as it will make the overall look of your house crowded. Instead, you should dedicate more area to bedrooms and bathrooms. For the sake of creating a storage space, you can utilize the small lobby opening up on the first floor. Similarly, construction of additional walls can be avoided as thoughtfully constructed shelves, and racks would serve the purpose commendably. The aforementioned hacks will allow you to keep your house open and ensure better ventilation for your house.

  1. Avoid terrace and Garage space:

Additions outside the fundamentals of a home need to add beauty to it. If you do not have ample space for garage or terrace, then it is always better to avoid building one inconvenient and ugly looking one. Such spaces need to be planned and created in a well-thought-out manner for achieving the desired effect. Ideally, the measurement for a  and a terrace is the same. For instance, it is supposed to be 16×20 feet and permits parking for two cars in a 5 Marla house.

As far as terraces, either big or small, are concerned these are simply out of fashion. So, it is better not to engage space for this purpose and keep it open to other options.

  1. Patio a trendy addition:

5 Marla houses in most of the housing societies with unique patterns are required to leave 3-5 feet wide alleyway on any side. A 5 feet 2-inch space is also spared for the lawn for accommodating the latest house designs. These designs are being recognized all over Pakistan, but it is advisable to determine your property’s specific needs and accommodate it at the time of construction. As it is very much possible that your property is in an area that does not demand to leave space on the side but where a patio is a preferable option. Accommodating your area’s construction design puts your newly built structure into perspective and enhances its outlook and value.

All the tricks mentioned above will enable and empower you to utilize your construction space most productively and profitably. So, investigate your space for analyzing its potential and follow these tricks for building an open spaced house with amazing ventilation even on a 5 Marla plot. This way you can make the optimum use of your space and enhance its worth as an asset!

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