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BETHREE.PK was launched in 2016. It is one of the most convenient online real estate. This real estate provides a number of houses, plots and rental properties for the buyers, sellers and the tenants with those property dealers which are authentic. It takes care of the needs of the ones who are interested in buying a property and the ones who are interested in selling their properties. Our vision is to be amongst one of those real estate’s which can deliver high quality services to their clients. We deal with our clients in a professional manner.

The aim of this online real estate is to empower its consumers with one of those information’s which are more detailed and are available in market at the moment. It is an effective source of medium which helps its users to buy, sell or rent a property. We always aim at building long term relationship with our clients.

BETHREE.PK consist of a team including a number of individuals who are hardworking and talented including a number of web developers, skilled based workers. All the individuals working here are dedicated and experienced. That culture is supported here in which there is respect for every individual. Achievement of success and the achievement of rewards are shared here. The best results are produced here because every individual working here are trained properly. That type of work place is provided which is ethical and safe. In fact such a workplace is provided to the individuals working here where they can put forward their ideas which can help in expanding our organization. We are highly committed with our clients as they are our responsibility.

The innovation is best in class and this online service is easily accessible for all its users. We hope that when is being searched online an observer will avail a smooth, up to date website with an approach that is more focused. The observer can check for a number of plots which are available for sale or rents even. Whether you are here to buy a house or you want to rent a house everyone here i.e. the buyer and the seller are treated equally with no distinction.

There are different estates and a number of authentic property dealers who are posting their properties free on There are also those dealers who now a days are advertising their properties which are new and now a days we are ahead of many other portals. If one is in need of a new house or anyone wants to buy a house on rent then one shouldn’t miss a chance and check these houses available on

We deal with a number of properties that are both residential and commercial. Residential and commercial properties both include a number of houses ranging from 5 Marlas to 10 kanal. Whatever your goal is at those apartments are available which are top in quality. This also includes a number of plots which have architectural designs. All of these are available in prices which are affordable for our valuable customers who are interested in buying a house or taking it on rent. One should for sure visit this online real estate page or you can also visit our property dealers who are authentic. They will surely answer all your queries and you can leave the rest to This online real estate isn’t massive in nature and it even doesn’t charge any of its users with commissions. The information of the user using this online real estate isn’t shared with anyone so one can use this online service safely without any doubt. We are here to provide you with the finest quality by providing full service with that real estate network that is possible.

This online real estate provides services to audiences who are overseas. So if anyone is looking for a house, plot or wants an apartment or house on rent then we’re there to help them by our online services.

This site is convenient for use because one doesn’t have to roam here and there in search of different properties available for rent. This online real estate also provides one with authentic dealers so, one doesn’t have to waste time in search of those property dealers which are authentic. Professionals which are certified make it easier for everyone to deal with any sort of problem which they are facing. If a client faces a problem then it is dealt with in a way that is proactive with an attitude that is practical so that we are able to deliver those solutions which are robust.

BETHREE.PK has been incorporated in a way so that it becomes a company that is recognized globally so, that it has a strong presence in those markets which are local. Meeting with a number of people and understanding their demands is what makes different from other online real estate portals.